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Book One of the Unbroken Tales

The fairytales never mentioned this.

Pressured to choose a bride before his eighteenth birthday, Prince Lex is determined to do things the way he's read about in legends: run away to find his true love. But soon he is at the mercy of a band of outlaws who know more about his kingdom than he does. Quickly forced to face the reality--and naïveté--of his privileged palace life,he learns his people are suffering at the hands of greedy nobility, and they look not to Lex's parents for help, but to this band of outlaws led by a girl named Robyn.


Book Two of the Unbroken Tales

Carina never meant to pull Excalibur from that rock.

It's been two years since she escaped to her late mother’s homeland of Medelios. She'd hoped to find a simple job, live out her life in peace, but unease enters her heart as she realizes the rich trade center she'd hoped for is stricken with poverty. And despite wanting to help, she’s powerless to fix anything.

Then a man called Merlin elbows himself into her path and reveals an unbelievable truth. Excalibur is a sword of legends, and it chose her to be the next heir to the Medelian throne.

The Future of The Unbroken Tales

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