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Merlin's Scetchbook

I knew I wanted to have Merlin's sketchbook pages as the interior art for this book for a long time. But when I started looking for artists to commission, I felt like I couldn't find anyone who had exactly what I was looking for. I remember even seeing this artist's work, and wondering whether it was right. But then months later, she posted a picture of her actual sketchbook, and I knew she was the one. 

Danielle Prosperie does fan art for multiple fandoms, but I met her through the Sanderson-spaces of the internet. Facebook groups, then Discord, and soon we were friends. I'm so happy with the work she's done on these pieces. She was amazing to work with, and did a fantastic job. 

Merlin would be proud. 

Summon art 1 CITY.png
Summon art 3 EYES.png
Summon art 2 CARINA.png
Summon art 4 PLANTS.png
Summon art 5 PARKOUR.png
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