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Looking Forward

Hoo boy, 2021 has already had some rough days.

Despite that, I’m trying my best to look forward with hope rather than fear. And that means 2021 is the year I get to release my first book! That also means I’m feeling a bunch of very conflicting emotions like excitement, terror, glee, doubt, giddiness, and anxiety.

Basically, there’s a LOT to do in the months between now and my release (should be August or September, but don’t quote me on that). In the meantime, my to-do list includes, but is not limited to: revising the book, recording the audio, revising again, editing the audio, copyedits, and getting the prequel out as soon as possible.

Deep breaths.

I know I’m not alone in feeling both excited and scared when it comes to releasing a book, so I’m blessed for sure to have friends at my side who know the ropes and can help me get through all the worrying parts. It’s a lot, and I knew it would be.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to focus in the coming weeks and months.



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