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Things Get Brighter

Heyyyyyy guys.

So it’s been a long while…last post was September. And boy, did things happen. Let’s do a little update on life and writing….

October 1st, I found out I was pregnant again. Yay!

November 4th, I miscarried again 😦

November 6th, I met with my chiropractor, a family friend we’ve known for years, and he could tell something was off. He adjusted me, then took me into his office and said, “Talk to me. Something’s wrong. Tell me what’s going on.”

Floodgates open, I proceeded to vent all my anger, despair, frustration, and fears to him. Things I had only spoken to my husband about, and problems to which we didn’t have answers. Was something wrong with me? Would I ever be able to have another child? How could we possibly afford what it might take to fix me, physically or mentally or otherwise? As I type this, my chest is tight, and there are tears in my eyes, remembering the pain I felt that day, and how hard it was to let it go, to actually voice the fears in my heart.

Bless his heart, my chiropractor listened, and he helped. By the next Monday, I had a sample pack of a mineral supplement he’d recommended. I took it all that week and actually was able to manage my life. When I ran out the following week, I crashed again, and realized I needed that help consistently.

Since November 18th, I’ve been taking this supplement. While I still have rough days, I haven’t had any so low as before. It’s been a huge blessing in my life, and I thank God that He sent me to my chiropractor that day and knew that for our circumstances, this is what I needed.

I won NaNoWriMo on Nov 23rd, a whole week early. I got through Christmas mostly unscathed despite some fears. The holidays in general weren’t as fun for me this year as they usually are, and I’m still not sure why. Now it’s 2015 and I have new goals, and a new perspective.

I’m 50K into my current novel, a YA modern mythology fantasy about Phoenixes, and I haven’t yet hit the “I hate this” point, so I’m hoping I’ll get it drafted by Feb. 13th.

I am registered for #Storymakers16, and signed up for a query critique with an agent I’m super excited to meet.

I’ve started writing some fanfiction in my spare time because I love it and it’s fun and a little therapeutic for me.

My boys are six and three, and are like…kids, now. They’re not babies anymore, though I love that my three-year-old still cuddles with me every day.

My husband and kids are all happier when I’m happy, and I have my vitamins to thank for that. I no longer get drawn into a downward spiral of negative thoughts, and I’m able to get more done throughout the day, whether that’s work, writing, or play.

I couldn’t be more grateful.

Life is sometimes hard, but things always get better. They get brighter. In the darkness, it’s hard to remember what the light feels like, hard to remember it will come. But it does.

Thank you to those who supported me and cheered me on through the last three months. You made the dark days bearable.

May your life always be filled with light. ❤



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